Hello, this is Katie.
I have
 recently started working as a Project Manager in Kansas City.
Feeling like a typical office person, I would like to share my experiences and maybe a few tips that I learn along the way.


Catching up with colleagues

A few days ago, I had a nice chat with my colleague Geoffrey who works in HR. It’s nice to make friends throughout the company.  We talked a bit about work and a bit about personal life, which was pleasant. Geoffrey has two kids and he showed me some photos. I raised a concern of whether I’m meeting the expectations they had for the new Project Manager.

“Seriously, you are doing a great job. Relax!” Geoffrey said with a big smile. “Especially after that all-nighter you pulled here recently! Get excited about the company anniversary party tomorrow!”


The big party

Oh yeah! How could I have forgotten? The day after my chat with Geoffrey, we had a huge party to celebrate ten years on the market. I’ve been to big corporate events before, but this was in another league! We had an amazing catering company prepare loads of delicious food for us, we played some games together, and everyone looked completely relaxed and happy for once! I must say the open bar didn’t hurt either. I had to get my fill, especially after what’s been going on at work lately.


A PM's work can be hard at times

We were already halfway finished with the implementation of a new client when we suddenly felt something was off. The whole team sat down and analyzed everything once again, including the client's original request. An hour and a half later, we found a huge mistake that we had made! We began to discuss what to do next. Some colleagues couldn’t stay late and the deadline was the following morning. My programming colleague, Christopher, and I stayed late to work. We were finished around 11:30 p.m. Have you ever experienced the feeling you get while proudly presenting the flawless result to the client?  It was amazing.


Smiles and butterflies!

One last thing…Ted called! I tried to keep it casual while we were talking, but I couldn’t keep from smiling. Good thing he couldn’t see me! Ted apologized for not calling earlier and explained he’s been busy with work. It may sound like a lame excuse, but I can definitely relate to that. Next week, we’re going to Chicken N Pickle in North KC. I’ve never played pickleball before but assume a drink will relieve any nerves that affect my game. I’m really excited!

Can’t wait to tell you how it goes!