No Breakups, Just Christmas Breaks!

Published 20. 12. 2018

A Diary of a Working Woman

Hello, this is Katie.
I work as a Project Manager in Kansas City.
Last time, I had a very successful presentation at work! So what was wrong?


Work-Life Balance

You know me! I’m always struggling to keep my career balanced with the rest of my life. After all, I am a professional and don't want to be distracted from my work too much!
So, after my work presentation about eWay-CRM Tasks, which went better than expected, my best friend Janice advised me to work things out with Ted, my boyfriend.


Which is more difficult?

I must say it wasn't really easy for me. I found Ted with a woman last time and although nothing was actually happening, I got very angry. Well, maybe I just overreacted?

I took a deep breath and pressed "Call" on my cell. I must say it felt a little more difficult than starting to present in front of the whole company!

Ted picked up immediately.

"Katie! Finally!" He started explaining everything. I didn't interrupt and just listened.

The beautiful young lady was his friend from high school. They hadn't seen each other since then and wanted to catch up.

"But what about the candles?" I asked, hesitating.

"Oh, come on!" Ted almost laughed. "You know that I light candles almost every evening! You can't break up with me over candles, Katie!"

I had to laugh, too.


Christmas break

Ted wanted to see me and, as it was starting to snow, we decided to meet and go for a long walk. We talked about everything: our lives and expectations of a relationship… just like two adults. I felt quite childish, thinking about my reaction.

"Hey, and what about Christmas?" Ted asked suddenly.

"Well, I am flying to my parents' and will be there for Christmas dinner."

"Okay, so what about the evening before?" Ted smiled.

"Hmm... I was planning to stay at work late to make sure everything is done. There are no rests for the Christmas holiday..."

"Katie, you really should slow down!" Ted said. "You’re only thirty years old and look at you! You are going to burn out soon at this rate!"

"But I am the manager of the team!" I objected. "It’s a big responsibility and I am happy to do it!"

"Come on! Spending a nice, early Christmas dinner with your boyfriend doesn't make you a bad manager!" he teased me.

"Okay," I laughed. "I will see what I can do. No clients can be disappointed over Christmas!”

I am Katie, the Project Manager. I will get up super early on Christmas Eve and make sure everything is perfect. And then I will enjoy my Christmas!

And what about New Year’s? I was planning to spend it with my family and some close friends in Denver at my parents’ house. Should I invite Ted, too? Will my family like him? Or is it better to stay with my boyfriend in a romantic hotel? I’m not sure.

I’ll have to think about this until next time!