Hi, this is Katie, the Project Manager.

Last time, I had to fire a member of my team.

How has life been since?


What We’ve Been up to Lately

The last weeks have only proven that our decision about Bea was correct. It’s harsh to say, but my team has been better off since she’s left the company.

Apart from working hard as usual, me and Mike, our Sales Director, attended a conference organized by Microsoft.

“I came for the food,” Mike said jokingly as we walked into the conference room, passing a table full of refreshments.

Now I hope the great catering company doesn’t get offended. But the speeches were even better!


Things I Heard and Remembered

There were three speeches that I found the most exciting and inspiring.

First was a lady going through the history of Microsoft with a rather amusing approach.

“Wow, I must work on my presenting skills!” I whispered into Mike’s  ear after she left the stage with a big round of applause. A serious topic doesn’t equal a boring presentation!

Second was an elderly man explaining the main benefits of Microsoft Office.

Did you know that this popular software is used by more than 1.2 billion people? That makes it universal. The speaker mainly focused on how user-friendly and multi-functional it is and that you can use it from anywhere provided you have internet access. Because it's entirely cloud-based, you can access your e-mails, files and Office programs from any location and any device. He finished with a slide dedicated to security. While listening to him, I realized how much Microsoft and eWay-CRM are actually doing for us every day.

The performance I loved the most was called Keeping up with the evolving workplace.“

The speaker began like this: “The world around us is constantly changing. How does your work space reflect that?”

He went on explaining how Office 365 came to life in order to help each and every individual do their job as well as they can. To him, it’s not just another product. It’s a way of helping companies obtain a modern workplace for a modern employee. He gave examples of how Microsoft unlocks creativity. And how they give everyone a voice.

katie walking

The message I took

 “Wow, that was some fruit for thought, huh?” Mike smiled as we were leaving the big conference room.

I nodded. This conference reminded me that we should never stop working on ourselves and getting better at things. You might be good at something, but there is always area for improvement and space for growth. Apart from all the information I learned, I got truly inspired! By the great performance level of each speaker, by the well-organized event itself, by the approach as a whole. On the way home, I thought about our company and all my colleagues. And about how much we can grow if we believe in ourselves. And if we never stop learning!