Hi, this is Katie, the Project Manager.

Christmas time and the end of the year are coming!

Have you had some time to reflect on what you have accomplished in 2019?


Getting ready for Christmas

As usual, work got crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Being the manager, I had to make sure all my team’s deadlines are met before most of us disappear for the holidays. I am flying over to my family in Denver and I have already informed them I am planning to stay online and work from time to time. 

“Oh Katie, you should enjoy the holiday with us,” mum tried to complain on the phone. 

“No worries, I can manage both,” I assured her. “Besides, I would be all nervous and unpleasant, not knowing what is going on at the office!” 

“Well, you always know better, don’t you,” mum tried to be cross with me, but I knew she wasn’t angry. 


I love my busy life 

Ted and I had an early Christmas dinner together, as both of us are spending the break with our families. We decided to go to a steak house, as they are so great in Kansas City. 

“How are things going at work?” Ted asked me while choosing his meal. 

“Well, you can imagine,” I rolled my eyes. “We are super busy, but I feel like I’m managing it. To be honest, I can’t wait to pack my stuff and go to my parents’ place!”  

“I believe so, you’ve had an exhausting year! But I bet you’ve enjoyed it, right?” 

“Well, you know me,” I laughed. “I enjoy keeping it busy!” 


What a year! 

At night, I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore. I thought about all the things 2019 has brought me and I felt truly thankful. I attended many thought-provoking conferences and succeeded in becoming a better manager. Everybody at work praises my team! Which reminds me of what led to that – I had to fire a colleague who was keeping our results down. But this unpleasant experience was priceless to me, as I learned how to deal with difficult situations. I was witness and a part of many interesting projects and decisions, including the data migration to US cloud or the QuickBooks integration. And on a personal note, my relationship with Ted is now better than ever. 

I decided to remember this remarkable year and took my laptop. I chose several photos of moments that are somehow important to me – both personally and career-wise. There was me giving a presentation, there was the summer holiday with Ted, and many more. The next day I had them printed and made a DIY exhibition on my apartment’s walls.  

“Wow,” said Ted in appreciation when he came over. 

“What a year! You can be proud of yourself!”