POYNTING: eWay-CRM Contains All Tools for Our Fast Growth

Published 4. 7. 2022

CRM software can help companies organize their contacts, projects, and marketing campaigns efficiently, saving them time and making their lives easier. This scenario accurately describes the POYNTING GROUP. So, we asked their managing director, Tjeerd Huitema, and their marketing manager, Francisca Cateto, why they chose eWay-CRM and how it helped them.

According to your site you are one of the world’s leading innovators of antenna products. Could you describe your business in more detail?

POYNTING innovates, designs, and manufactures integrated antenna solutions primarily for wireless high speed data applications within the telecommunication, broadcast, and consumer market.

The company is headquartered in South Africa, but we also have branches in Europe and the USA and production plants in South Africa and in China. Today, the POYNTING team consists of around 100 people.



When did you start looking for a new CRM system?

We have been looking for a CRM since 2017. This to have better and more information to follow and track customers and projects. We looked at several options at that time and did not find a suitable solution. We returned to the project because we are growing, and a CRM will help us to share information between team members. So, we looked at various options again in 2019.

Poynting sharing information

Did you have any specific requirements?

We wanted to have complete integration with Outlook, which is our base working system, not to have too much of an impact on the working methods of the team. The system should have a user-friendly interface and we should not drown in all kinds of options, nor is the plan to reduce the admin and avoid filling in the same information in different tables or programs repeatedly. We also wanted a direct emailing list for email distribution to various target groups and customers, which is also GDPR compliant, as part of the system.


How did you come across eWay-CRM?

We did an extensive internet search and looked at customer ratings. eWay-CRM is a complete CRM platform that contains all the tools for our fast growth as a worldwide group of companies!


Could you describe how the eWay-CRM was implemented? Did you need any specific help with it?

eWay-CRM supported us with training and system setup. We had a serious discussion in the company to reach a level of understanding about what we want and what the system can and should do.


I assume that your industry is very specific. Have you done any customizations in eWay-CRM?

We do have customizations to facilitate some aspects of our business, but this is handleable still within the standard modifications that eWay-CRM supports. The eWay-CRM team has been supportive.

Your company operates in markets around the world. Is eWay-CRM a suitable solution according to the size of your company? How big is the team that uses it now?

POYNTING has several branches. We use the system across Europe, the United States and South Africa for our Sales Teams and Marketing Departments. The Sales Teams use eWay-CRM every day for special offers, communication tracking, for relationship management, and to gather all the information related to bigger projects. For marketing purposes, we use eWay-CRM to report on KPIs, tracking customer interactions, sending and tracking newsletters, and email marketing activities.

We currently have 10+ users. For our company, the functionality offered is good.


Which modules do you use in eWay-CRM?

We use Sales, Contacts & Companies, Projects, and Marketing. We are thinking of expanding it with Products.

Poynting modules

Which features are crucial for you and why?

Marketing campaigns, projects, and a contact management system. This allows us to track and trace and have tools to create demand in various markets.


Do you plan to expand the use of eWay-CRM with additional features in the future?

As mentioned previously, we are thinking to incorporate the products module and set up a project registration module.


And what are your company's plans in general?

POYNTING Antennas offers connectivity solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi, LoraWan, Helium and RFID. We focus on niche broadband antenna solutions which provide a lot of added value to life through establishing a stable, reliable and consistent connection between machines and people. We hope to convince many more users that POYNTING Antennas solutions are critical in daily life and really help to connect and reduce the total cost of ownership. We plan further expansion and growth in various markets and regions with the ambition to become the go-to antenna solution provider in selected markets such as mining and tunnelling, marine, mobility and IoT.

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