Life gets calmer with eWay-CRM

Published 18. 11. 2018

Executive Jet Support is a world-leading provider of commercial aircraft, engines, and airframe components to almost 200 operators in over 40 countries across the globe. EJS is currently implementing eWay-CRM. We asked the CEO, Simon Browse, about how it's going.



Hello, Simon. Firstly, could you say something about your company? It's quite a cool business you have!

Hello! So, we are a company that supplies air components to airlines around the world. We have a warehouse in England with a large stock of components and we primarily support airlines with 70-100 seat capacity, regional aircraft.


How did you get into this kind of a business? Have you studied something connected to planes?

No, not at all. I used to be a computer programmer. I earned a degree in computer programming in the 80s. While I was at university, I created a simple database for a company who was doing exactly what I do now, supplying components. I went on to write a database on the original IBM XT, the very first PC! Four years later, I joined that company after I finished my degree and had been in programming for a year or two.


Why did you decide you need a CRM system? Did you have one before?

No, we didn't have CRM before. I wanted something to record all the customer interactions, all of our projects, and have a centralized database for the companies we deal with and for the contacts within those companies. CRM is a very good database HUB for this information.


How did you choose eWay-CRM? How many CRMs did you test?

I wanted a CRM that was as simple as possible, something relatively easy for people to use.

I didn't want to have a third program, as my staff are already using an ERP plus Outlook. All staff have two monitors, one with ERP, other with Outlook, so Outlook integration was important.


How did you find us?

I remember it not being that easy to find. A lot of review sites mention the biggest ones. I remember doing quite a lot of reading and reviews. I probably found you because I searched for CRM inside Outlook. For me that was the biggest plus - the Outlook integration.


The implementation hasn't been finished yet, how do you find the process?

I am in the middle of the process. I am the one who understands the computing inside of my company the best.

I am very much a person who wants to make sure we do it correctly at the start, before we implement it, so that the data is extremely clean and good. You have to give maximum thought to the processes you need in place to help the people while trying to keep it as simple as possible and ensuring that the data is entered in a very structured way.

Most importantly this is so that you can find the data when you want it, via search or via filters. To me, that is one of the most important aspects: there is no point having a big bucket full of data which is hard to sort and doesn’t make it easy to locate the data you are looking for.

We want to be able to narrow down information by many different categories - by aircraft type, manufacturer of aircraft, type of component - so there are a number of different categories we are trying to integrate within the CRM system so that the search facility works very well. The thing is a CRM is a one size fits all program, it's very broad. It’s inside of Outlook, which makes it quite broad, and it is fitting all different companies in the world and we are just one type. One size fits all means you have to work very hard at the start, think about how you are going to use it, and decide what you are trying to get it do for you. So, I am not rushing it.


Once it's finished, which modules are you going to use?

As I said before, it will definitely be the HUB, for recording everything. We will be using it to run Projects, larger scale items, buying aircrafts, etc. I hope to be using the Marketing module, but I haven't looked at that section yet. I might integrate it into our VOIP system, so the calls are made from CRM so we can monitor and track all the calls. It will encourage people to make Journals, too.


What about our Mobile App?

Definitely! I am already using it now. At the moment, it gives us access to the Companies, Contacts, and Projects, and I know that the number of functionalities is going to grow. If you are on the road, you can look into a Project, add a Journal, etc. That is a very good addition.


How familiar are you with eWay-CRM already? Have you read some of our how-to articles, watched our YouTube videos?

I've watched some of them and read most of your Knowledge Base. I'm pretty familiar with it. I would say that one thing I like a lot is the interaction with your people. When you are setting up something like this, you can read all of the knowledge base stuff, but it does not provide you with every view on how to use it best. So, interaction with somebody from eWay is a very good thing. I like the fact that you are a smaller company, a team ready to help.


What are your main expectations from eWay-CRM?

For me, the primary focus is to provide a good searchable repository for all our information coming in and provide the visibility of information to the main Sales Managers and Directors so that they have a place to record and share.

We are becoming less office-based, we have Managers in different parts of the world. You don't want to be on the sharing info on the phone all time. I am hoping this is a good way for people to put in information they have learned in a meeting or phone call and share it with other people. Everybody then knows who had a phone call with whom and what the contents of that phone call were without the need to bring it up in a sales meeting. And of course, the simple long term effect of that piece of information being attached to a contact or a person can be used in the next meeting.


Does it mean when you are in the airplane industry that you a passionate traveler?

I travel a lot, as all our Sales Managers do. It's not a hobby though. I have spent a lot of my life traveling, as my father was a pilot. I was always around aircraft with him. I do like travel, but I have done a lot of it in my life and I am trying to cut back.


So now you are trying to live a calmer life?



Thank you very much for your time.


We spoke with Simon Browse, the CEO of Executive Jet Support.


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