What If Your Accounting System Could Not Only Save You Money But Also Time?

Published 7. 9. 2021

When we are talking about finances, the smart solution is always preferred. The integration of CRM and an accounting software makes your work effective. It also cuts a lot of costs by saving time.


How it works

There are many accounting systems available on the market. One of them is QuickBooks, which specializes in small and growing businesses. It is a full cloud solution with 24/7 availability on all your devices with an up-to-date overview of your income and expenses. That is fine, so far.

With eWay-CRM it works even better. There is no need to keep two databases anymore. QuickBooks and eWay-CRM are synchronized so they can share the information and work with only one updated database every time. It saves a lot of time.

Synchronization works not only with eWay-CRM, but also with banks and other apps. Smart machine syncs with your bank account so you can view transactions as they happen. Do you see more time saved?

It is user friendly, because similarly to eWay System it has free customer support. Time is money, and when you need to deal with a problem, you usually need to do it immediately. Right?


All in one

All in one solutions are often a compromise, but it is different with QuickBooks and eWay-CRM. You could look at them like they are in a relationship. They are fine being single. But they are stronger together.

You can access your invoices directly in eWay-CRM in your client´s profile. Statuses and due dates will be there as well. And imagine the options of analytical work waiting for you in eWay-CRM.


Test it

Sure, testing takes time. But on the other hand, being well prepared gives you an advantage and spares time in the future. There is a 30-day free trial for eWay-CRM as well as for QuickBooks. You don´t have to pay anything, just use the essential time to discover if it works in the way you need.

Did you hear that integrations are complicated and can often take days or weeks? Not this one. The QuickBooks Connector is easy to install. Just authorize it and you are ready to go. No time-consuming processes are needed.



The invoice format should respect your brand identity. You can create professional-looking invoices in a few seconds. If you need some help, there are custom templates which make it easier.

You may find some other features useful, such as automatic reminders. Your invoices will be paid sooner. That’s something that every freelancer or small company can appreciate.


You will like it.

You can manage your inventory in real-time. The system will tell you when the stock gets low. It’s possible to keep everything organized and in order. Products can be organized not only by name, but by image, category, and price as well.

Isn´t it a nice business world?