Use Your Website Data as a Resource for Successful B2B Business

Published 7. 5. 2021

We write about customer management regularly. This article will be about the first step in business development, which is the most difficult part of the sales process. If you have ever looked for new clients, then you know it is not easy. COVID limited the possibilities of business meetings and your management continue to push for results regardless the situation. Look how to use your website data as a resource for successful B2B business.


Luckily, there are tools like or which identify visitors of your website. Imagine what can be done when you know who is interested in your service or product. In the age of digital business, it is something that you should consider.

Lead generators use databases and tools which identify the visitor and add details about the company. Both services are tightly connected. You won´t know much when you use only one source. Together they bring value and develop a great source of possible clients.


Do sales representatives like it?

For many salespeople, this technology with access to website data is new for them and they are unsure how to use it (especially if they are from the generations who used to flip through the yellow pages). Imagine getting a phone call and hearing “I saw you visited our site. May I present our product?”. Would you say yes? Most would view this as an invasion of privacy. Sales processes need to be created through a smooth user journey.


How to motivate the salespeople and get the best results?

Think about customer management and its rules. You know what your ideal lead looks like, so focus on those that are the best fit for your company. Connect with the potential lead within 48 hours and enlighten their day. Your tool identified the lead, but you work with it so, you decide whom to call.

You can introduce yourself by saying that you identified the company as being a particularly good fit for your service or product. Discuss their situation, needs and how you could be helpful. The contact from the lead tool generator is not different from any other contacts. It is a live person who might like your company offerings.

The added value is simple. Imagine, for example, that you sell 3D glasses for watching movies. You may make a sale or two talking to people on the street, but you will likely find more success calling cinema representatives and film distributors. Data from leads generating tools are not any Big Brother. These tools help connect people who are looking for something, with knowledgeable people who can provide the needed service.

We asked a representative from a lead generating service about success rates. General cold calling brings around 5 % leads, while successful internal salespeople see 10 to 20 % conversions. When those people work with contacts from lead generating tools, then they are more effective, and their results increase to 35-40 %. It is worth it, don´t you think?


Is it suitable for every B2B company?

No. There are organizations from the public sector, hospitality, or construction companies who should continue working as they have been. However, companies from fields like IT, business services, and others will benefit from lead-generating tools immensely.