Most Common Pain Points of CRMs: How Do We Perceive and Address Them?

Published 19. 1. 2024

Customer experience should be the highest priority for every company. And even though it is impossible to avoid all pain points at the beginning of your journey, a company should always resolve the ones that arise as soon as possible. And most importantly as effectively as possible. We at eWay do exactly this. How? Let us tell you!


We perceive what we do as a mission. Mission to help businesses to be more efficient, work smartly, and always be well informed. All thanks to our eWay-CRM.

Feedback from our clients means a lot to us. We always take it to heart and work on improving our product as well as our customer care.


Table of contents:

What Are Pain Points?
Pain Points of CRMs
Pain Points Solving at eWay


What Are Pain Points?

Firstly, let’s talk about the basics. So, what are pain points? Those are issues with a product or service due to which the needs of a customer cannot be met.

Unresolved pain points cause your product or service to be less useful than intended. In other words, because of pain points, your product is less needed for a customer.

It is crucial to work on resolving the pain points. Why? Only thanks to improving your product or service, can you improve your customer's experience.

When there are no pain points, your product will continue working as a solution to your clients' problems. Not only will they be loyal to your company, your product or service will also attract even more people to buy it.


Pain Points of CRMs

CRMs exist to help customers with pain points of other apps and tools they use. Of course, as software products, they have pain points too.

Those include issues with customer data, inefficient communication, limited visibility into customer interaction, missed opportunities, and lack of personalization.

Having an inefficient CRM that does not work properly can negatively impact the external as well as internal spaces of a company - both customers and its employees.

That’s why using good quality and updated CRM is essential for any business's success.


Pain Points Solving at eWay

Since eWay-CRM is quite complex software, there is plenty of room for pain points. Therefore, plenty of room for us to improve our product.

Here you can find the 14 most common pain points of CRMs. And our solutions to them:


1. Too Complex User Interface

Not intuitive CRM causes frustration and a lower level of user productivity.

A complex interface makes it difficult for a user to get to know all the functions. Plus, it makes the usage of a CRM difficult when it comes to navigation.



We designed eWay-CRM so it looks and works like Microsoft Outlook.

Why? Because the majority of businesses love Outlook. They use it to communicate with both their customers and partners.

We want them to work in an app they already know. But making it functionally better, faster, and more efficient.


user interface


2. Integration Issues

Users often need their CRM to integrate seamlessly with other tools. Those are usually email platforms, marketing automation tools, or ERP systems.

Integration issues lead to data silos and inefficiency.



eWay-CRM has connectors to Zapier, and Make. These two allow us to integrate with thousands of other apps.  

The most useful for our users are Outlook, Word, Excel, Power BI, QuickBooks, WordPress, 3CX, and Adobe Sign. 


3. Data Quality Issues

Inaccurate, outdated, or duplicated data undermine the effectiveness of a CRM system. This leads to misinformation among its users and an overall waste of resources.



We allow our users to work with eWay-CRM as their personal canvas.

In our software, they can personalize mandatory and optional fields, workflow actions, and also reminders.


4. Mobile Accessibility

The majority of sales and marketing professionals work on the go. That means they use their smartphones rather than laptops multiple times a day.

Not having a mobile version of a CRM can be a huge drawback. It might force a user to stop using such software. And rather pick one that is available on mobile phones, too. 



eWay-CRM has native mobile versions for smartphones with both iOS and Android operational systems.

We also allow our users to use the software offline.

When it comes to eWay-CRM Online, it integrates with the Outlook mobile app. That allows a user to save emails anywhere they are. 




5. Customization Limitations

Every business is unique. And one-size-fits-all software might not cater to the specific needs of all companies.

Therefore, limited customization options can be perceived as a pain point for many CRM users.



We allow our users to personalize the software, so it meets their needs best.

They can create custom fields and workflows including sophisticated workflow actions.

Also, they can design custom forms, set user permissions, and customize eWay-CRM using dozens of toggles.


6. Cost Concerns

High prices of a CRM plans can be prohibitive for some companies.

Those include expensive licensing fees, costs associated with add-ons, or training.



eWay-CRM has a free version as well as paid ones.

Thanks to the flexible pricing policy, anyone can use our eWay-CRM.


7. Inaccurate Numbers in Reporting and Analytics

Businesses rely on CRMs for insights into customer behavior and sales numbers.

If the reporting and analytics numbers are not accurate, it is a big pain point for every company.

Also, the representation of the results is important. If the user sees a graph with unclear information, it is useless for them.



We make sure eWay-CRM users have a clear overview of how their business is doing.

That's why we decided to use Power BI.

Thanks to Power BI, the leaders see all the information they need to know. And need to work with. They can also decide in what format they want to see the overview of their company.

Power BI is one of the best reporting tools. And we are happy to bring it to our customers.


Power BI


8. Lack of Training and Insufficient Support

Without proper training, users might not be able to fully grasp what a CRM offers.

Additionally, slow or unprofessional customer support can exacerbate the user experience. That leads to the user’s growing uninterest in using such software.



YouTube videos are part of our training. Thanks to them, our users learn how to work with eWay-CRM properly.

When it comes to customer support, our clients can contact us via email, helpdesk, chat, or phone. We always reply as soon as possible. And do our best to answer all of their questions.


9. Data Security and Compliance

Concerns about data breaches or not meeting industry-specific compliance standards can deter potential users.



We are compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR. These two belong to the security standard.

Also, the connection between eWay-Cloud and our users' devices is encrypted.




10. Limited Scalability

A business’s needs evolve. That affects how they use CRM and what they need the software to offer.

If a CRM doesn’t scale with the business, it is a pain point affecting the future profitability of a company.



Most of our customers have started to streamline internal communication as well as their tasks.

As their companies grow, they are inclined to implement features for better cooperation within their teams.

Usually, they start with eWay-CRM’s mandatory fields to ensure all important data are in place. Then they continue with workflows generating tasks for each phase of the sales/project cycle. Some companies even set up various permissions to ensure company data is stored safely.

And this is just one example of how eWay-CRM can help your business to grow and be more efficient.


11. Inadequate Automation Features

Automation significantly improves companies’ efficiency.

If a CRM lacks robust automation features, users have to perform repetitive tasks manually. That takes their time. And makes the work less enjoyable.



We constantly work on automatizations. Our goal is to automate everything that can be automated to help our clients focus only on the important things.

With eWay-CRM, you can create automated tasks as well as notifications.

Thanks to automatization, you and your team will be much more productive.


12. Lack of Regular Updates

If a CRM system doesn’t receive regular updates, it quickly becomes outdated. And doesn’t fit the needs of modern businesses.



Our software is being updated on a regular basis.

Thanks to getting rid of bugs and improving the software, we prevent future inconveniences in its usage.




13. Vendor Lock-in

Some CRMs make migrating data to another system challenging. Then, its users feel trapped.

This pain point is really painful for users. People use software because it makes their lives easier. If there are limitations with data conversion, the software loses its purpose.



eWay-CRM allows you to convert your data to Excel or CSV.

Thanks to this, it is not a problem for eWay-CRM users to back up their database. And share them with others.


14. Communication Gaps

If a CRM doesn’t enable the team members to communicate easily and swiftly, it does not fulfill the primary expectations of a CRM.

The same applies to customer-provider relationships. A CRM should create a safe space for both sides. And enable all of the participants to communicate smoothly with each other.



eWay-CRM automatically saves and organizes e-mails according to various criteria.

To simplify communication as such, we integrated eWay-CRM with Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the integration, it will be easier for you to communicate with your coworkers.


easy communication



As you can see, there are many pain points that need to be addressed in a CRM.

But they are not only part of software. They are part of any product or service on the market.

What is important to realize is that without solving pain points, a company cannot flourish in the long term. Neither can flourish the businesses of its users.

And since we are very well aware of this fact and we follow Baťa’s Our customer - our master, we keep working on our eWay-CRM so it is the best CRM it can possibly be.