4 Great SaaS Companies of 2021 & Secrets of Their Success

Published 11. 1. 2022

Over the past few decades, Software as a Service (SaaS) has redefined the way businesses are operated. This continuous growth is expected to continue on an upward trend for the foreseeable future.

To be a part of this future, established companies and upcoming brands are imbibing healthy SaaS practices to push their businesses forward. From checking SaaS email examples online to see how they can use email to market their products to competing directly in the value they provide, the SaaS scene is competitive.


Great SaaS Companies of 2021

Despite the competitiveness of the SaaS space, some companies distinguish themselves and tower above others. We will look at these companies and uncover the secrets to their success. By knowing what they do right, you can strategize to make your brand more competitive in the market. Here is a look at five of the great SaaS companies of 2021.



2021 has been a prosperous year for Zoom, and it is by no mistake. The company recorded over 300% growth within the year and huge growth in its customer base. It is by no mistake that Zoom overtook its competitors, such as Skype and Google Hangout. The credit goes to the simple interactive design that allows users to hold video conferences, share notes and split into teams without previous knowledge.

The product is easy to use, which endears customers who have to adapt to virtual meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic abruptly. In addition, users don't have to install the app when they can just access the platform directly from the web. The UI/UX design also helps users adapt quickly to the platform, which is a plus in the book of any SaaS company.



Dropbox has come a long way from its start and is now worth over a billion dollars. The company's success was built gradually as it listened to what its customers wanted and gave it to them. The cloud storage platform removes the ambiguity in the storage business and makes it easy for users to store their contents and share with others.

That ease of use is Dropbox's main secret as the platform is like a giant folder where you can dump all your documents, pictures and videos. Moreover, users can synchronize their files across devices, making users stay loyal to the brand and introduce it to others. That is the goal of every SaaS company.



SaaS companies whose products cater to the new demand for virtual workspaces were some of the big winners of 2021. Slack is one of these companies as it is a communication platform that enables teams to work seamlessly from remote locations. In addition, it is a modern alternative to the email system as team members can upload their work on the platform, collaborate and communicate to individual members of their team within a single space.

Slack is doing better than its competition to make work fun and exciting for users. The interface is designed in a bright and relaxed manner. The platform also takes users' convenience into account as they make it possible for them to access materials stored on other platforms such as Google Drive without leaving Slack.



Shopify is an e-commerce platform that frees retailers from the stress of building websites and managing them. Instead, the platform is fitted with tools that allow users to set up and manage their businesses without technical knowledge. Today, Shopify is worth almost $3 billion, and they have their customer-centric approach to thank.

With its record growth rate, it is no surprise that Shopify makes the list of the top SaaS companies of 2021.


Some Secrets That Stand Out

From the companies analyzed above, you must have noticed that some things keep recurring among these companies. All know these secrets, yet few people practice them properly. The priority these companies gave to these secrets makes them stand out from others. Some of these secrets are:


Profit Market

Know your market. This should be part of your primary assignments as you design the product. Knowing your market will enable you to concentrate on those select few and optimize your marketing tools. Know more about SaaS marketing automation as it will reduce your workload in connecting with your ideal customer.



You should not design your product to please you but your customers. To achieve this, you need to focus on visual appeal as much as the product's functionality. Ditch the boring, overused themes and go for a refreshing and fun outlook. As Slack and Zoom have proven, it will endear users to you.



The importance of value cannot be overemphasized. Give the value your customers want to them, and don't hold back.


Less Churn

The best SaaS companies are at the top because customers do not reject their products. Although reducing churn is a major task for SaaS companies, there are lots of free marketing automation tools to help them strategize properly.


Concluding Thoughts

The year 2021 ended, and every company is evaluating its progress. With more competition popping up daily, SaaS companies need to be at the top of their games. It is important not to focus on the brand's identity while trying to make a profit. This is why SaaS companies need to know what the leaders in the industry are doing well and how to emulate them. That need is what this article has satisfied.


This article was written by Mo Abid from Messaged mail.