AI Assists: Innovative Ways to Improve Customer Relationships in 2024

Published 6. 2. 2024

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want yours to flourish and beat your competitors, you must foster strong connections with your customer base. Use AI to enhance your buyer-customer relationships. Let it create a unique and tailored experience that will resonate with the preferences and needs of any individual. And that will help your business to grow.


Customers are the heart of any business, brand, agency, or whatever you wanna call it. You can have the most innovative business idea or product, but if you don't have paying customers you don't have a business.

What you want to do is to nurture those relationships with customers. They must feel comfortable enough buying from you and be closer to your brand.

Let's quickly go over some ways to strengthen customer relationships in 2024.


Table of contents:

Make Your Chatbots For Unmatched Customer Service
Make Clickworthy Marketing Emails With Hoppy Copy
Personalization Using Maverick AI’s Video Magic
Customers Buy From Businesses They Like


Make Your Chatbots For Unmatched Customer Service

There's something to be said about making your own AI chatbot and using that on your website to provide unmatched customer service to your customers or website visitors.

Well, thankfully with Poe AI you can create your very own AI chatbot. And you can build it without any coding experience at all.

On the left-hand side of their dashboard, you get to interact with other popular AI chatbot models Like ChatGPT and Claude.



But for now, you'll want to select the option to create a bot.

Here you will have sections such as:


1. Bot name: You can name your bot whatever you like but try to name it something that people can relate to and is memorable enough to remember.


2. Bot picture: The bot picture matters here too, you don't want to leave it plain, so try to give that picture a personality of its own, maybe use Dall-E and Mid Journey to generate these images.


3. Bot description: This will be a very brief description of what your bot is and what it will help users with.


4. Base Bot: You can either choose Claude+, Claude Instant, ChatGPT, or GPT-4 as your base bot.


5. Prompt: This is where you deploy your secret sauce, the prompts and instructions you give your bot will ultimately determine its output, so e.g., if you want your bot to handle all kinds of customer queries and answer them the best way possible, you can load it up with commands and it will follow them to the T.


Do you struggle with creating an effective prompt? These examples will help. Edit them according to your needs and expectations and you're good to go!


6. Intro Message: This is helpful to kickstart a convo with a user and direct them to start somewhere.


7. Bot preview: This will show your bot perform live and what it will look like when you give it commands to follow.




Now comes the easy part. All you have to do is click on the option “create bot“ and your bot will be created. You can also check if it's working according to your requirements.




Make Clickworthy Marketing Emails With Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy is an AI-powered tool specifically designed for email marketing. It distinguishes itself from other AI tools by focusing on creating high-quality email marketing content, rather than general copywriting. The platform is web-based, making it accessible from various devices including phones, PCs, Macs, and iPads.

Let me show you how to create powerful marketing emails with it.



When you open the Hoppy Copy dashboard you'll find all kinds of email options with its AI Wizard like Multipurpose Email, Product Launch Email, Lead Nurture Email, etc.



For our example let's choose a lead nurture email (Problem + Solution).



Here you'll find sections to fill out your :

  1. Brand, product or service
  2. Target audience
  3. Descriptions and what you want to cover within the email as a starting point
  4. The tone and voice of the email





When you click “Create Copy” it will generate a custom email for you.

On the upper-hand side of the page, you'll find various options to customize and edit your email to fit your best-case scenario.

You can even add emojis to make the email more personalized and friendly for your target audience to consume.


Personalization Using Maverick AI’s Video Magic

I've seen many companies doing personalization of all kinds in an attempt to connect better with their ideal customers, but the one I've been a fan of recently is from Maverick.




They have this innovative approach to video email marketing that has blown me away.

Here's how it works :

Brands record a short video they want to send to their email subscribers, but there's a twist.

Because brands can't possibly send 1000s of new videos every day, Maverick helps them personalize each email subscriber’s name in their voice without them even moving a muscle.

And just like that they can send thousands of AI videos daily and customers can appreciate the kind gesture the brand has done for them.


Gift personalization


Customers Buy From Businesses They Like

I know this is an age-old saying but you have to understand that customers will only be relevant to your brand if the stuff you're selling is relevant to them. Being relevant isn't about selling the right products, but it's also about knowing what your customers want and capitalizing on every opportunity to make them happy.