Import Your Contacts and Companies

Published 30. 11. 2022

When you implement new CRM software, the first step is always to build a database of contacts and companies. This is a must-have step that brings the CRM alive and helps your team understand the CRM’s value.


Most companies keep their data in multiple locations – inside everybody’s Outlook, various Excel spreadsheets, or ERP/accounting systems. You need to change it. Let’s merge these databases into one and keep it in your new CRM software.

If you move all lists into a single database, you help your staff see one of the biggest benefits of CRM, which is sharing of data. They will have one place to go when searching for customers, vendors, or business partners. They won’t need to spend time looking for the most recent phone number, email address, etc. They will find everything in their new CRM.

When you say ”Contacts and companies are now being kept in eWay-CRM“, you send a strong signal that your new CRM is the primary source of information.

Since eWay-CRM can be automatically synchronized with everybody’s Outlooks or QuickBooks, all changes will be instantly replicated there as well. This is why eWay-CRM must be your primary database.


How to import data to eWay-CRM?