How to Achieve Faster Dialogue Loading Thanks to the Optimization of Version 5.4

Published 20. 5. 2019

The current version of eWay-CRM 5.4 brings not only new features and improvements, but also significantly faster response of the environment. How can you use the new version with the highest effect possible?


For users who work with multiple custom fields, it is surely better with respect to the speed of loading, to hide the bar with custom fields in the general view.

There are two scenarios depending on the needs of the client:

  1. If the users work with a modified appearance of the window, it is to their advantage to hide the group of custom fields in the General section and use only those fields they work with. Even if they use all of them, the loading will be much faster.
    en optimization
  2. If the users use a standard appearance of the window, or use the custom fields sporadically or work only with some of them, it is convenient to set the option General = No. As a result, the window with custom fields will display the selected fields only. The remaining fields will be accessible through the view custom fields which will display all user-defined fields.
    en_02 optimization

Load field optimization

In the original version, the custom fields view was generated immediately after loading. The new version generates this view only when needed. The loading speed then depends on the number of custom fields used in a window.

en_01 optimization

This optimization is based on the fact that the custom fields view (in general view) is not generated immediately after loading, but when it is needed.  Time is saved if a user has created a custom window and defined its hiding. This optimization has a positive effect for customers who work with multiple custom fields. Again, the user can count on the direct proportion between the number of fields and saved time.

en_03 optimization

Up to 25 percent faster

"The first optimization worked with nearly sixty custom fields, that is a number the most of users do not work with in real life”, says the developer Jan Spilka. "In total, we have managed to speed up the loading by 25 percent", he adds. Moreover, the optimization went beyond the original task. According to Jan Spilka, most of the time will be saved during the loading of fields for the custom fields view.

Jan SpilkaJan Spilka

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