How Much Does eWay-CRM Cost? Comparison of Pricing and Features

eWay-CRM is a comprehensive CRM system designed for Outlook users in the retail industry. You can use it to effectively improve customer relationships and convert basic data into actionable intelligence. eWay-CRM stands out in the CRM software market because it offers a range of sales and marketing features to help companies make intelligent business decisions and enhance revenue. Plus, it provides traditional reports as well as custom ones that you can use to track progress. However, if you are wondering how much does eWay-CRM cost and if it’s worth the price, this article is here to answer your question. We will also compare eWay-CRM pricing and features with its top competitors to give you a better idea about what your options actually are.
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Let’s have a look at what eWay-CRM has to offer for the money you spend for the subscription. To start, eWay-CRM converts Microsoft Outlook into a centralized Hub for contact management and enables businesses to build profitable customer relationships. The app also converts ineffective marketing into a feedback-driven process. It can manage your deliveries and sales as well as lend support to your project-based activities. Finally, the solution can generate in-depth reports that you can print easily or export as PDF, Excel, and Word files. (Check out our "How To" section)

eWay-CRM Editions and Pricing

So how much does eWay-CRM cost? eWay-CRM is actually offered in a free edition but there is also a Premium paid one for both cloud and on-premise deployment. The free edition comes with features such as 200 MB cloud storage, customizable, multiple devices, and email support. The Premium edition is priced at $28/month/user (billed monthly) for the cloud version, while the lifetime license cost of the on-premise version is $399/user plus 15% annual support fee. Premium edition features for both versions include data sharing, customizable, multiple devices, mobile apps (iOS / Android), and phone support. We are also offer you a training and support for eWay- implementation and data migration.
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If you are wondering which edition to choose, we offer further assistance by explaining their features in more detail. The free edition is ideal for single users who can use it to get familiar with the system. You get 200 MB cloud storage as well as customizable features. Plus, this edition can be used on multiple devices and gets free updates.

If you need more storage space or wish to host data on your own server, share data with other users or use mobile apps, you should consider the Premium package. This edition is designed for teams with more than two people as well as single users who wish to make use of advanced features. It offers 10 GB of cloud storage space or can be hosted on your own Windows server. Plus, this edition is compatible with mobile apps and comes with phone support.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of the Premium cloud edition is $28 month/user (including troubleshooting and upgrades). For on-premise installation you need to buy lifetime licenses and pay an 15% annual support fee. The software server component is installed on your Windows server after you buy the license, plus we provide troubleshooting and upgrades as well as an hour of additional services during the year. You can use this hour for training, customization, custom development, data import, etc. If you wish to opt for lifetime licenses, but don’t possess a Windows server, you can host your data in our cloud for $300/year.

eWay-CRM Comparison's with Competitors

How do eWay-CRM pricing and features stack up against competitors? We’ll try to provide the answer by comparing eWay-CRM's pricing editions with those of Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, and Infusionsoft wich are all alternatives.

1. Zoho CRM Pricing and Features

Zoho CRM is part of the Zoho stable of software products and with this solution you can automate critical sales operations, access vital data in real time, make maximum use of social media, go mobile with dedicated Android and iOS editions, and integrate with Google Apps. Zoho CRM offers 4 pricing packages:

Standard Plan – $12/user/month (billed annually). Features include 100,00 records, call center connectors, mass email, roles and profiles, document library, reports and dashboards, and sales forecasting.

Professional Plan – $20/user/month (billed annually). Includes all features from the Standard Plan, plus: unlimited records, macros, inventory management, workflow automation, Google AdWords integration, social CRM, and email integration.

Enterprise Plan – $35/user/month (billed annually). Includes all features from the Professional Plan, plus: multiple currencies, custom modules, page layouts, workflow approval processes, custom buttons, custom applications, and territory management.

Ultimate Plan – $100/user/month. Includes all features from the Enterprise Plan, plus: enhanced storage, advanced CRM analytics, advanced customization, priority support, dedicated database cluster, and sandbox.

2. Salesforce CRM Pricing and Features

Salesforce CRM is part of Salesforce’s extensive suite of sales and marketing systems. With this software you can track all customer interactions and info in one place to follow more leads. Plus you can use features such as sales data, marketing automation, and lead management to nurture the leads carefully and prime them for conversion. Salesforce CRM offers 5 pricing packages that are billed annually:

Contact Manager Plan – $5/user/month. Provides contact management for up to 5 users. Features include: Chatter—company social network, customizable reports, content library, Salesforce1 mobile app, Outlook and Gmail email integration, task and event tracking, and accounts and contacts.

Group Plan – $25/user/month. Provides basic marketing and sales for up to 5 users. Includes all Contact Manager Plan features, plus: email templates and tracking, lead scoring, routing, and assignment opportunity tracking.

Professional Plan – $65/user/month. Full-featured CRM for any size team. Includes all Group Plan features, plus: customizable dashboards, campaigns, and mass email.

Enterprise Plan – $125. Customize the CRM for your business operations. Includes all Professional Plan features, plus: Salesforce Private AppExchange, Salesforce Identity, custom app development, profiles and page layouts, integration via web service API, and workflow and approval automation.

Performance Plan– $300. Extend the CRM features to speed up performance. Includes all Enterprise Plan features, plus: Premier+ success plan, unlimited custom app development, multiple sandboxes, perform, corporate clean & prospector, console for Sales Cloud, Live Agent web chat, knowledge, and service cloud.

3. Infusionsoft Pricing and Features

More than 23,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft to save time, get organized, and boost sales. You can utilize this software to improve your marketing and sales strategies and to automate repetitive tasks such as follow-ups. This solution can help you to enrich leads and build more personal relationships with your customers. Infusionsoft offers 5 pricing packages:

Essentials Plan – $199/month. Ideal for businesses with basic marketing automation needs. This package is meant for up to 3 users and offers 12,500 emails/month and 2,500 contacts as well as features such as eCommerce, sales automation, marketing automation, and contact management.

Deluxe Sales Plan – $299/month. Ideal for businesses with sales teams that require advanced CRM features. This plan is meant for up to 4 users and offers 25,000 emails/month and 5,000 contacts. It includes all the features of the Essentials Plan.

Deluxe E-Commerce Plan – $299/month. Ideal for businesses with an online store. This plan includes all the features of the Deluxe Sales Plan.

Complete Plan – $379/month. Ideal for businesses with both an online store and a sales team. This package is meant for up to 5 users and offers 50,000 emails/month and 10,000 contacts. It includes all the other features of the above plans.

Teams Plan – $599/month. The unique aspect about this package is it offers CRM functionality in addition to eCommerce, sales automation, and marketing automation features.


eWay-CRM stands out in this comparison as it offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options. Plus, pricing and features compare favorably with leading competitors and editions offer full value for money.

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29. 6. 2017

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